Nick’s is THE staple of Bloomington restaurants and bars! They serve local meats and beers. You cannot beat the atmosphere during IU basketball games. If you haven’t been to Nick’s English Hut, you haven’t completed your tour of Bloomington!

Danny K.

Great place to watch IU games. The strom is legendary. Always stop here whenever in town.

Joseph M.

A B-town tradition. We love to go there when we are in town to visit and play sink the biz. Great people, great food, lots of fun!

Lisa R.

Great food, great ambiance and great friendly service. You cannot go wrong at this place. And whatever you do you must try the famous Nick’s Seasoned Fries. I have yet to have a dish that was not amazing here.

Quazi F.

Food Menu

Rags’ Quesadilla – A grilled tortilla filled with cheddar and pepper jack cheeses, southwest spiced chicken and black beans


Add a side of sour cream, salsa, or jalapenos    $0.60 ea.

Chicken Wings – Select from Nick’s hot, BBQ or Jamaican jerk sauce. Served with celery and ranch dressing   gluten_free_2

6 – $9.95

12 – $15.95

add bleu cheese – $1.50

Chicken Fingers – Breaded chicken breast strips with your choice of dipping sauces: BBQ, ranch, honey mustard, Nick’s hot or Jamaican jerk


w/side of Nick’s fries – $12.75

Mushrooms – Freshly battered and fried to a golden brown


sandwich portion – $3.95

Onion Rings – Freshly battered and fried to a golden brown


sandwich portion – $3.95

Mozzarella Sticks – Mmm! Fried cheese served with Nick’s famous pizza sauce. Order of six


Breadsticks – Four Nick’s breadsticks with nacho cheese for dipping


Sink the Biz Fries – A bucket of fries tossed in Romano and Nick’s spices with our famous garlic mayonnaise for dipping


sandwich portion – $3.95

French Fries


sandwich portion – $2.50

side of nacho cheese – $1.95

Rags’ Homemade Soup of the Day

cup – $4.95

bowl – $6.95

Nick’s Original Chili Recipe

cup – $4.95

bowl – $6.95

Cottage Cheese   gluten_free_2


Coleslaw   gluten_free_2


Iceberg Wedge Salad – Iceberg lettuce served with carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes and choice of dressing   gluten_free_2


House Salad – Mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes and a confetti of carrots and cabbage   gluten_free_2


Big Bowl Salad – A big bowl of mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, and a confetti of carrots and cabbage   gluten_free_2


with grilled chicken (Jamaican jerk, teriyaki or au natural) – $12.95

with fresh grilled seafood – Market Price

with portobello mushroom – $10.95

Dressing Selections – ranch | honey mustard | French   gluten_free_2

Housemade Dressing Selections – blue cheese | house (creamy Italian) | balsamic vinaigrette | sesame lime vinaigrette | herb dijon vinaigrette   gluten_free_2

Extra Dressing – 2 oz – $0.75 | 4 oz – $1.50

Nick’s Burger – Fischer Farms Black Angus Premium Natural Beef, proudly coming to us from a 100 year old farm located near Jasper, Indiana.  The cows are grass and grain fed, hormone and antibiotic free – and by far, the best beef around! Built to your specifications


w/cheese of your choice – $8.95

Bacon Burger – Nick’s burger topped with Hoosier bacon and your choice of cheese


Mushroom Burger – Nick’s burger topped with sauteed mushrooms and your choice of cheese


Turkey Burger – Locally raised by Burger Farms with Nick’s secret herbs and spices


Breads – rye | white | wheat | kaiser bun | Italian roll

gluten_free_2 Bun – add $1.00 | Bread – add $1.50

Vegetables & Dressings – lettuce | tomato | onion | dill pickles | sweet pickles | mayonnaise | brown mustard | dijon mustard | grilled onion – $0.60 | grilled sweet pepper – $0.60

Cheeses – American | Swiss | cheddar | pepper jack | mozzarella | provolone | bleu cheese

Nick’s Housemade Sauces – BBQ sauce | horseradish sauce | Jamaican Jerk sauce | garlic mayonnaise – $0.60

All of Nick’s burgers are 1/3 lb., grilled to order, and served with your choice of toppings. NOTICE: Consuming raw or under-cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.

Italian Beef – Seasoned roast beef stacked on an Italian roll served with au jus and pepperoncinis


Grilled Chicken Breast – 8 oz. chicken breast served au natural, teriyaki, BBQ or Jamaican jerk


w/cheese & sauteed mushrooms – $10.95

w/cheese & Hoosier bacon – $10.95

Breaded Pork Tenderloin – Lightly breaded and fried pork loin sandwich topped with your choice of fixings


Fisher Farms Grilled Tenderloin -Indiana raised pork loin, grilled and topped with your choice of fixings


Breaded Fish Filet – White fish served on an Italian roll with tartar sauce


Fisher Farms Steak Sandwich – Indiana raised Black Angus premium natural beef steak w/provolone cheese & grilled onions on an Italian roll. Rags recommends: Medium rare


Black Bean Burger – Nick’s own house blend of black beans, vegetables, and grains, grilled to perfection


Grilled Cheese – Your choice of bread and cheese plus toppings of your choice


B.L.T. – Hoosier bacon served with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on your choice of bread


Fresh Grilled Salmon – Grilled and finished off in a cast iron skillet with lemon, butter, caper sauce


Nick’s Panini of the Day – Freshly sliced deli meats on Scholars Bakehouse breads


Breads – rye | white | wheat | kaiser bun | Italian roll

gluten_free_2 Bun – add $1.00 | Bread – add $1.50

Vegetables & Dressings – lettuce | tomato | onion | dill pickles | sweet pickles | mayonnaise | brown mustard | dijon mustard | grilled onion – $0.60 | grilled sweet pepper – $0.60

Cheeses – American | Swiss | cheddar | pepper jack | mozzarella | provolone | bleu cheese

Nick’s Housemade Sauces – BBQ sauce | horseradish sauce | Jamaican Jerk sauce | garlic mayonnaise – $0.60

Supreme Pizza – Nick’s original recipe since 1954! Pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, onion, sweet peppers.

7″ – $10.95 | 12″ – $17.95 | 14″ – $21.95

Veggie Supreme – Mushroom, onion, banana peppers, black olives, tomato.

7″ – $10.95 | 12″ – $17.95 | 14″ – $21.95

Create Your Own – Nick’s original recipe since 1954! Mozzerella cheese.

7″ – $6.95 | 12″ – $11.95 | 14″ – $14.75

gluten_free_2 10″ Cheese Pizza – $13.95 | Extra Toppings – $1.65

Choose Your Sauce – Nick’s original recipe or BBQ sauce

Additional Meat Toppings – pepperoni | sausage | ham | anchovies | chicken | hoosier bacon

7″ – $1.30 | 12″ – $2.00 | 14″ – $2.50

Additional Vegetable Toppings – onions | mushrooms| sweet peppers | jalapeno peppers | tomatoes | garlic | black olives | banana peppers | portabello mushrooms | pineapple

7″ – $1.30 | 12″ – $2.00 | 14″ – $2.50

Nick’s Traditional Stromboli – Crumbled sausage, mozzarella cheese, onions and Nick’s pizza sauce, baked on our sesame seed sub bun… A pizza sandwich! Served with sweet pickle.

Half – $6.95 | Whole – $13.95

BBQ Stromboli – Crumbled sausage,
mozzarella cheese, onions and Nick’s BBQ sauce, baked on our sesame seed sub bun… Served with sweet pickle.

Half – $6.95 | Whole – $13.95

Nick’s Submarine – Salami, ham, mortadella, capicolla, prosciutto, pepperoni, onions, banana peppers, mozzarella cheese, and Nick’s pizza sauce, baked on our sesame seed sub bun.

Half – $6.95 | Whole – $13.95

Fisher Farms Steak – Fresh cut steak of the day, grilled to order.

Market Price

Fresh Grilled Salmon – Salmon filet, grilled and finished in a cast iron skillet in the oven with a lemon, caper, butter sauce.

Market Price

Grilled Chicken Breast – 8 oz. chicken breast grilled and served au natural, teyaki, BBQ, or Jamaican jerk.


Cheesecake – A perfect finish to your dinner (or lunch) at Nick’s! Ask your server for the flavor of the day.


Sides – house salad | iceberg wedge salad | cottage cheese | cole slaw | soup of the day | Nick’s chili | baked potato | French Fries | chips | Sink the Biz fries | onion rings | fried mushrooms

Kids Grilled Cheese – 1/2 of grilled cheese served with fries.


Kids Hot Dog – Grilled hot dog served with fries.


Kids Breadsticks – Two breadsticks served with nacho cheese.


Kids Chicken Fingers – Breaded chicken fingers served with fries.


Kids Cheese Pizza – 7″ cheese pizza


Charcuterie Platter – Assorted Italian cured meats and cheeses served with Bakehouse baguette.


Vegetable Platter – Assorted vegetables with dipping sauces served with Bakehouse baguette.


Big Bowl Salad – A large bowl of mixed greens, iceberg wedges, cucumbers, tomatoes, and a confetti of carrots and cabbage   gluten_free_2


About Us

Nick Hrisomalos (1891-1953)

Nick Hrisomalos lived the authentic immigrant’s success story. At age 14, armed with only a third-grade Greek education, Nick boarded a ship and set out on his own to the United States, where he soon found employment at the steel mills in Illinois. At age 22, Nick returned home to serve in the Greek army during the first Balkan war.

Although he was not a naturalized citizen, Nick was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1918, earning $21 per month and sending $18 per month home to his mother. He was scheduled to leave for the front lines in Europe, but contracted the virulent and often deadly Spanish flu. After he was discharged in 1914, Nick immediately moved back to the U.S., this time settling in Bloomington, Indiana, alongside other young Greek entrepreneurs who were finding success. Nick opened a tiny shop on North Walnut selling peanuts, popcorn, and novelties and for a little extra money, providing shoe shines and cleaning hats. He later opened Nick and Tom’s soda fountain, selling candy, magazines, and tobacco.

He continued with his various businesses in Bloomington, until he opened Nick’s in 1927. He rented out half of the small property to a haberdashery where his good friend, Herman B Wells, reportedly worked.

In April of 1929, Nick’s wife, Katina, gave birth to their only child, Frank, who along with his own sons, Tom and Nick, daughters, Karen and Elaine would become successful members of the Bloomington and Indianapolis medical community.

Ruthie Collier Stewart (1927-2011)

While the relationship could sometimes be considered contentious, Ruthie’s brusque wit and honest character became legendary and forever linked with Nick’s. “Ruthie stories” can be heard throughout the country from alumni who have never forgotten her over the years. She received a proclamation from Mayor Frank McCloskey; and, in her honor, Nick’s created the Wilma Ruth Collier Jackass Award for those customers designated a “Ninny Headed Clodpate with permanent access to the nearest exit.”

According to The College of Beer: The Story of Nick’s English Hut, written by Bill Weaver, waitresses viewed Ruthie as an inspiration, “as someone who lives within her means, never loses her sense of personal value as a human being and who never gets pushed around.”

On Dec. 22, 1985, Ruth married her high school sweetheart, Harold Stewart, in the Nick’s Attic. Nick’s staff and regulars, both current and former, participated in the celebration.

Dick Barnes (1927-2008)

A successful and innovative businessman, Dick had brought pizza to southern Indiana by way of an Italian family he knew in his hometown of Richmond, Indiana. He studied the art of making “pizza pies” from Frank Mastro in New York City and returned to Bloomington to open The Pizzaria in 1953.  A display window was inserted so a passersby could watch the pizza maker in action. It was a hit; people would drive hundreds of miles for this new cuisine. Once he became owner of Nick’s, pizza was delivered by foot from The Pizzaria to Nick’s and history says the rest.

Dick owned several more successful Bloomington establishments throughout the years, including the Pizza Barn, La Tortilla, Davy’s Locker, and Ye Olde Regulator — for which he received “National Tavern of the Year” two years running.

Gregg "Rags" Rago

In 1978, 19-year-old “Rags” began working in the Nick’s kitchen, and he has been working at the legendary tavern ever since. “I love this town, and I love the people,” he says. “It’s the greatest job in the world.”

Rags currently serves as manager and part-owner of the establishment that has become his fishbowl. “I see the world through the eyes of Nick’s.” As ringmaster of a small kitchen that produces an abundant variety of food to an ever-increasing clientele, Rags continuously contemplates ways to improve the menu — even while on vacation. While mindful of preserving the tavern’s iconic traditions, he looks for new ideas each time he visits a restaurant or bar in the U.S. or abroad.

With an endless supply of Nick’s memories, Rags particularly recalls the anxiety-filled 1981 NCAA basketball championship game. Patrons had been waiting (and imbibing) patiently throughout the day for the evening tip-off. But, tragedy struck when then-President Ronald Reagan was shot during an assassination attempt. The atmosphere was tense as fans waited to hear if the game would be played. Fortunately, the game went on as planned, the Hoosiers were victorious, and Nick’s patrons were first on the scene as Kirkwood turned into a euphoric sea of red. “By the time Nick’s closed, we were down to a single four-pack of Ballantine Ale. All’s well that ends well.”

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